Moog Style Microkorg Mod

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Over the last couple of weeks I took to a project that was fairly easy to do with a synth I caught a great deal on.  I found some random posts online about folks modifying their Microkorgs into Moog style boards.  Long story short, here’s my joint (with progression pics) I’ve recently completed.  All in all, between work, fam, and music, I’d say I spent about three weekends on it.  If you’re interested in the mod, I’ll gladly email over some instructions and things you’ll need to get it done.  Peep!


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Bleep Drum Machine by MSXII Sound Design

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One word…dope.  Click here to purchase

MPC Drums For Your Music Production

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After numerous requests from current customers on the drums from the medleys in my sound design group’s catalog, we’ve decided to release some exclusive sounds to compliment your music production.  Today we’ve dropped the second installment of our MPC Drums from the MSXII library. Nothing to special here, other than some dope a** sounds from floppy disk, through the mpc, with pushed levels and filtering to characterize each drum, and then brought to you.   Below I’ve dropped a couple of medleys to showcase them both!  Enjoy.

Download the original MPC Drums from MSXII – Click Here

Download MPC Drums from MSXII v.2 – Click Here

Propellerhead Software Announces Reason 8

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Propellerhead Software Announces Reason 8 today.  Those of you that frequent this site know that I’ve been #ReasonGang my entire career.  Tons of gear comes and goes in my lab, but the Reason platform has been the one staple where all ideas find a home for print.  On the surface it looks as if the interface has been redesigned, drag-and-drop now implemented, and audio editing features have been enhanced.  These have been some user requested features for a while now via the forums.

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Unkempt Breaks Refill

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My sound design conglomerate, MSXII Sound Design, is pleased to announce our first refill for Propellerheads Reason with The Unkempt Breaks Refill!  Based on the wildly popular Unkempt Breaks collection, the refill now harnesses the unmatched power of Reason to expand on the incredible live drum loop pack!  Designed with taking creativity to new levels in mind, the refill appeals to both beginners and seasoned users of Reason alike.  It is also backwards compatible with Reason version 6.5 and above; allowing you to take advantage of stock devices such as ECHO, Dr. Octo Rex, and Pulverizer. Whether you like mapping drums in the 16 pads of Kong to program like an Akai MPC, or you’re needing unique grooves to get your song ideas started, the Unkempt Breaks Refill is for you!  Details below…

Refill Features:

  • All original, unique live drum breaks based on the Unkempt Breaks collection by MSXII Sound Design
  • 27 mulit-tracked drum songs (with templates) to start your own song ideas
  • 3 different FX combinators for sound manipulation and coloring
  • Dedicated tape saturation, tube warmth, and bit crushing buttons and knobs on each combinator unit
  • 6 different combinators for Dr. Octo Rex and Kong kits
  • 27 groove files based on the drum loops
  • 6 songs per each FX combinator to jump start songs
  • 10 Dr. Octo Rex patches
  • Compatible with all stock devices in Reason version 6.5 and above 
  • 535 MB Refill file

Unkempt Drums Comb. MockUp




Unkempt Drums TARGET MockUp




Unkempt Drums RECLUSE MockUp




Purchase The Unkempt Breaks Refill – Click Here

Rob Papen Predator Review

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Papen 1

I recently was approached with an opportunity to review a dope product in the Rob Papen series of plugins, Predator.  From his website, Papen describes his products as “powerful instruments and plug-ins that bring together innovative design, uncompromising sound quality, and musical, production-grade presets to make your tracks shine.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Here’s why…

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The Synth Immaculate 3

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Peep the video for the instruments we’ve used in the all new Synth Immaculate 3!  Some of the instruments in the sample pack include the Oberheim OBXa, Firstman E Piano, Hohner Bass, Kawai SX-210, Korg PS-3200, Paia Strings and ThingsI’ll be doing a video on advanced keyboard mapping in Reason real soon for this, but until then, grab that project and get going with some analog synth goodness!  Stay posted!

Betatest The Unkempt Breaks ReFill

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Unkempt Refill Tag

Betatest The Unkempt Breaks ReFill!  If you’ve picked up the original Unkempt Breaks, consider this as the project on steroids.  I need your feedback as I continue to develop tools to help you all.  This is an exciting step in my career and there’s so much more I can’t share just yet.  Peep the details.

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Making Beats Easily with Reason 7

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What’s up!?  I wanted to share a video with you all on making beats easily with Reason 7 and a little creativity!  I’ve been using Propellerhead Software Reason for about 6-7 years now (since version 3) and I’ve been hooked every since.  It has literally changed my life.  Here, I’m working with a dope sample pack from my sound design group, MSXII Sound Design, The Beatbox Kit 2.  The idea behind the video is to portray how quickly things can get dope with the workflow in Reason.  Don’t sleep!

Drumbreaks and Sample Packs for your Sampler and DAW

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Fill-Up Banks Kit Cover 4 (no title)

This kit is specifically designed to help you in your musical transitions from chord changes, vamps, b-sections, and endings.  No stranger to quality, this kit packs that MSXII substance you’ve come to love.  All 30 fills were created on the Pork Pie Drums Hip-Pig; a 3-piece rock shell pack.  Tuned to perfection and colored carefully for optimal mixing, the FIll-Up Banks Kit is a must have.  Every fill will find it’s place in your work.  Don’t sleep on this, grab it NOW!

Kit Features:

  • 30 original, live drum fills in 16bit .wav format
  • Fills played on a custom 3 piece Pork Pie Drums Hip-Pig rock shell pack
  • Completely unheard of MSXII material; nothing recycled or borrowed.
  • Slightly colored/saturated for optimal mixing 
  • Partners well with other MSXII Kits [Synth Immaculate, Rhodes & Vibes, Joe Deertay, etc.]
  • Compatible with all DAWs, samplers, and mobile formats that accept .wav files

[Click Here To Download]

msxii beatbox cover



[Click Here To Download]

MSXII Sound Design is proud to unleash the Beatbox Kit for all who crave that unique feel on their production!  We’ve taken the concept of layering traditional drumbreaks over original work and replaced it with live “beat-boxed” breaks.  This instantly adds a texture and color that is sure to get your ideas going in the right direction.  This kit is designed for the tweaker.  The Beatbox Kit is tailored for the producer who loves to cut, slice, truncate, split, reverse, sample, boost, compress, flip, and destroy a break into something brand new and creative.  Recorded with a Neumann Microphone through studio-grade converters, the kit has been ever-so-slightly colored and saturated to sit pretty in the mix.  When combined with your own drum sounds [see The Sammich Kit], the possibilities are endless!  Creativity sold separately.

Kit Features:

  • 40 unique “Beat-Boxed” breaks in 16bit .wav file format
  • Completely different breaks at tempos of 85bpm, 92bpm, 135bpm, and 141bpm
  • Bonus additional hits used in MSXII Beatbox Kit medley
  • Slightly colored and saturated for optimal mixing 
  • Recorded on Neuman TLM 102 Microphone 
  • Compatible with all major software DAWs including; Ableton Live, Logic X, ProTools, FLStudio,Propellerheads Reason, etc.
  • Compatible with hardware samplers that accept the WAV file format; Akai MPC samplers, Roland MV8000, Maschine, etc.

Snares&Hats Cover (Neg Filter)

[Click Here To Download]

This kit represents everything you love in quality production; dirty hats and crunchy snares.  Make no qualms about it, this kit will partner well with your current MSXII library.  Multiple loop ideas have been included to spark immediate inspiration and ideas.  We’ve used some of the most dirty hats we can find (16″ Vintage Zildjian Hats) to get a great sound.  Recorded through studio grade preamps and processed carefully, The Snares and Hats Combo Kit will sit nicely in both your mix and arsenal.  Don’t sleep!

Kit Details:

• 60 drum loops of live snares + hi-hats in 16bit .wav form
• Vintage saturation/coloring via products by API
Hi Hats used include: Zildjian 12″ Special Recording Hats, Zildjian 16″ Vintage Hats (40/50s), Dream 14″ Re-FX Jingle  
• Snare Drums used include: Pork Pie Percussion 6×14 Clear Acrylic Pig Lite, Pork Pie Percussion 7×13 Brass Patina, Pork, Pie Percussion 5×13 Maple, Pork Pie Percussion 6×10 Maple Soprano, Ludwig 5×14 Acrolite Black Galaxy, Noble & Cooley 4.75×14 Aluminum Alloy Classic, Pearl 3×13 Brass Piccolo, Pearl 8×14 Vinnie Paul Signature (Maple),
Tama 5.5×14 Starclassic Birch, Custom SoCal 5.5×14 Maple (Built by Matt Slack)
• Additional chopped one-shot hits provided as bonus
• Compatible with all major software DAWs including; Ableton Live, Logic X, ProTools, FLStudio,Propellerheads Reason, etc.
•Compatible with all hardware samplers that accept the WAV file format; Akai MPC samplers, Roland MV8000, Maschine, etc.

Sammich Kit 2 Cover

[Click Here To Download]

With the initial success of it’s predecessor, MSXII Sound Design is proud to release The Sammich Kit 2!  By popular demand, we bring you that same crunch, grime, slap, dust, and warm texture you’ve come to love with MSXII kits and sample packs.  The same rules apply here as to the previous version; all sounds are usable.  No fluff, no fillers, no bullshi#.  Nothing has been recycled.  Our products are 100% unique and layered to taste.  Carefully mixed under 0db, The Sammich Kit 2 boasts fifty sounds that were slightly colored and sculpted to cut through in your mix.  Your sampler & DAW will thank you.  Grab The Sammich Kit 2 now!

Kit Features:

  • 50 sounds in 16bit .wav form
  • Layers of new live snares, hats, shakes, slaps, claps, live drum layer combos, + more
  • No fluff, no filler sounds, EVERYTHING is usable
  • An excellent pack for crafting immediate ideas and inspiration
  • EQ’d and mixed to taste–tweaked for immediate use
  • Compatible with all major software DAWs including; Ableton Live, Logic X, ProTools, FLStudio,Propellerheads Reason, etc.
  • Compatible hardware samplers that accept the WAV file format; Akai MPC samplers, Roland MV8000, Maschine, etc.

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