New Drums from MSXII Sound Design with Building Blocks

Wanted to share some new joints from my sound design crew, MSXII Sound Design.  These are “Building Blocks.”  Basically a set of “go-to” drums in style and texture that you can either use immediately or begin to sculpt your own creative ideas with.  Mix ready and slappin’ per usual.  Peep the video of me going through some of the bonus material in the kit for anyone using Native Instruments Maschine with it.  More updates soon of the lab, tons of new gear and analog synths, and workflow stuff.  Busy, but thats never a bad thing.  Be blessed!

Justen Williams Flexing on Reason

If you’ve been following this site, you may recall my interview with Justen, Propellerhead Software ambassador.  While my production style has grown and evolved outside of Reason, I still want to provide the Reason heads in the community the rock with me quality content to explore.  So, you may be seeing more of these types of vids from my guy Justen and others rocking in Reason.  For now, enjoy.  This one jams heavy.

Maschine Workflow

As I revamp the site to house more of the things I’m working on musically, I’ll start doing some of these quick hit videos.  Don’t trip, most will feature products my sound design company offers.  Shameless plug, but hey, I believe in my work.  So, enjoy and leave a comment.  If you’d like to see more stuff or have any kits you’d like me to display in my personal workflow, holla at me.  This one is me getting down on my Native Instruments Maschine MK2.  The video is me working in real time while screen capturing.  In Part 1, I’m simply programming the new drums from our brand new release, The Line Drums Vol.1. into a quick pattern for idea building.  In Part 2., I’ll export the audio into Logic X and build the arrangement further.  Stay posted!  Also, peep my drums below!  Peace.


Download MSXII Sound Design’s, The Line Vol. 1 – Click Here

Producer Talk: Stan The Beatsmith

imageedit_2_9480716262I’ve always maintained that one of the best things about this career is the journey.  The places you go and the people you meet along the way are just some of the perks.  Fortunately for me, I’ve met and been able to learn from some of the most talented people around.  True to that is the homie STB.  I found this cat online by way of a contest my sound design group was running.  He entered it, flipped a sample we’d released, and basically destroyed any hope of a competitor winning.  Over the past couple of months, we’ve continued to commission him out to do demos of our products and such and the music he is putting out continually impresses.  As I continue to evolve into more of a producer’s resource site, I thought it was proper to not exclude content from folks using programs outside of Reason.  So with that, I’d like to invite you to get familiar with the genius that is Stan The Beatsmith.

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Drums For Your DAW and Sampler

DustyDrums 2 Cover

One thing I’ve always based my work on has been the quality of my drums.  Whether producing or sound designing, I seem to take keen interest in making sure the drum offering is correct.  My sound design conglomerate, MSXII Sound Design, has recently taken a unique approach to live drums and both rare & familiar vinyl samples.  The tricks (which shall not be named) are all in the processing of these.  While most start from our own drum sets, we do sometimes use the basis of a vinyl sample and build from there.  Either way, we’re out to create the most usable and unique samples we can.  Maybe its an EQ that catches your ear.  Maybe the way that kick beats through those home studio KRKs.  Or the snare that snaps necks at first listen.  My goal is simply to provide a sound that sparks inspiration.  Both volumes of Dusty Drums are really dope and follow this objective.  I implore you to check them out–peace!

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Producer Talk: Justen Williams


I recently had a chance to catch up with the good sir Justen Williams.  You’ve most notably have seen him as an official Propellerheads Software brand ambassador.  Justen and I have recently been chopping it up on music production, techniques, Reason, and everything in between.  You know my stance; you can learn from anyone and I figured that his insight into beats, the music business, and the industry as a whole would be valuable information for the community. Nevertheless, the dude is on his way–recently landing placements with RCA signed artist Dee-1 and additional work with Ford Motor Co. among others.

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