Producer Talk: PTRCKHILL


I’ve learned that one of the hardest things in the music industry is staying perpetually inspired.  By this I mean, look at the legacies of guys like Timbo, Dre, The Neptunes, and many more and you’ll realize they all have this in common; they’re perpetually inspired.  Inspiration isn’t something to take lightly…it requires you to constantly evolve.  It  means you need to keep inspired people around you.  With that said, I know personally I’ve been made a better, more inspired producer & sound designer simply by knowing this guy Patrick Hill, fka Oktober1st, aka PTRICKHILL.  I’ve known and worked with Pat for the better part of 6-7 years and we’ve had a mutual respect for eachother’s musicality since day one.  From his days with Maybach Music Group, to his new found approach of keeping it simple and streamlined with Ableton Live 9 & Push 2, PTRCKHILL tells it like it is and keeps it 100…all the time.  I’ve always respected his opinion and valued his friendship.  I figured our readers would definitely enjoy his insight.  Hopefully you will be inspired after the jump!

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Create Fat Basslines Using Maschine Plugins

Dropped a video recently detailing a quick method I use to filter bass to get a rounded, punchy sound. Depending on your record, you can use this technique to get a sound similar to what you hear from Nottz or my guy Kev Brown.  Trust your ears, obviously, but this video should get you off to a good start.  Enjoy.

There are couple of things to note about this technique:

  1. You definitely need to start with good source audio.  A bad sample will yield bad results.  By using a good starting point (good tone, no clicks/pops, properly truncated, etc), you’ll only be doing yourself a favor once you start to filter.
  2. In order for low-end content to breathe, you have to make room for it.  If you’re kick drum is occupying the same space as your bass, you’ll need to decide where you want to go.  I recommend using your ears first and foremost, but then a good spectrum analyzer to see where the frequencies are hitting will help too.
  3. Practice.  Nothing will beat good ol’ fashioned hard work.  It takes time to develop skill.  The more music you make, the better you will become.  Try this technique in beats with samples, w/o samples, with live instruments, synths, etc.  Simply put in the work!

Moog MG-1 Upgrade

Recently picked a synth I’d been looking for online.  The Moog MG-1 has a crazy history and I figured it would be dope to snag one, restore it, mod it, and make it better than the original.  The photos posted show the board with the new wood sides process I completed.  Check out the site I ordered those from…he does numerous synths. Also, here is a link to the list of mods I’ve done to it.

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7 image8 image9

Making Beats with Ableton Push 2

Check out this vid with me in the lab making beats with Ableton Push 2.  Live 9 has been my DAW of choice since leaving reason back in 2015 and it’s superb.  I’ll show more vids with some of my workflow on it soon, but make no mistake about it, you can get BUSY quickly here.  This record was made on the spot and shows the authenticity and ease of use with Live + Push.  Enjoy and leave a comment, yo.

New Drums from MSXII Sound Design with Building Blocks

Wanted to share some new joints from my sound design crew, MSXII Sound Design.  These are “Building Blocks.”  Basically a set of “go-to” drums in style and texture that you can either use immediately or begin to sculpt your own creative ideas with.  Mix ready and slappin’ per usual.  Peep the video of me going through some of the bonus material in the kit for anyone using Native Instruments Maschine with it.  More updates soon of the lab, tons of new gear and analog synths, and workflow stuff.  Busy, but thats never a bad thing.  Be blessed!

Justen Williams Flexing on Reason

If you’ve been following this site, you may recall my interview with Justen, Propellerhead Software ambassador.  While my production style has grown and evolved outside of Reason, I still want to provide the Reason heads in the community the rock with me quality content to explore.  So, you may be seeing more of these types of vids from my guy Justen and others rocking in Reason.  For now, enjoy.  This one jams heavy.